User Management

The user managenent gives you an overview of all available users in the system, along with options to create or even delete users.

Purpose of users

Users are meant to be created for your team members, but also for individual guests. Every user will automatically be added to the Basic Authentication list, if turned on for domains.

This means if you restrict access to your personal tunnel, all users automatically have access to it. Please see the section Roles for more on guest users.

Create Users

You can create new users for all your team members by simply setting a username and password for them. Passwords can of course be changed later on by the members in their profile.


Every user gets an additional role. Roles help to define the privileges of every member in your team.

Here is the list of available roles


Administrators have full access to every part of the system. They can create domains and users, and also delete them.


Users are members of your team. They only have access to modify domains such as adjusting the target, authentication settings and more. They cannot access system settings or delete anything.


Guest users can be used to give external people access to your tunnel system. This is primarily used for the Basic Authentication feature. Guest users do not have access to the administration area.

Delete User

You can simply delete a user by clicking on the Delete button and confirm it. You user is immediately removed from the system, and after a short restart of the system, also Basic Authentication options are automatically updated for you.

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