1. Setup Server

Start by setting up a server. Docker usually runs best on a Linux system.

Please keep in mind, that these installation steps do not cover any security recommendations. However, it would be good, to only allow the administration panel if you are connected from within your company network (VPN).

2. Install Docker

SquadDNS is based on Docker. Please install Docker for your operating system.

3. Run SquadDNS

Simple Instance

docker run -p 80:80 -p 443:443 boxblinkracer/squad-dns:latest

Persistent Instance

version: "3.0"


       container_name: squad-dns
       image: boxblinkracer/squad-dns:latest
       restart: always
         - 80:80
         - 443:443
         - ./config:/var/www/html/config

4. Create DNS Record

It's recommended to use a specific domain for your server. You need to set up the correct DNS records, according to the documentation fo your DNS provider.

That's it, SquadDNS is now ready for you! A simple setup wizard helps you to get started immediately.

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